Our Vision

House of Baau is a fragrance house producing luxurious dog-friendly candles and scents, based on scientific research.

With dogs increasingly being welcomed into our homes, we wanted to create a beautiful product that dog lovers (including us!) could feel confident knowing would be safe for their beloved 'fur family' members.


We’re passionate about creating homes that both you and your dog can enjoy.

Established in 2020 after discovering certain fragrances & essential oils - commonly used in many candles and diffusers on the market - could be harmful and/or unpleasant to our inside pets.  We've since dedicated extensive time and research to create our scents specifically with the most sensitive of noses in mind – your dog’s.

Free from irritants, toxins & synthetic fragrances our products source all natural ingredients including Australian made soy beeswax blend- harnessing the natural air purifying qualities of beeswax - and pure essential oils.
Our blends have been inspired by aromatherapy practices used by veterinarians and animal experts, using oils that are proven to help relieve dogs of stress and other common ailments.
Above all our candles have been created to help transform your home into a welcoming space that you, your dog and your guests can enjoy.

Who is Baau?

House of Baau has been inspired by the Sumerian deity Bau (later known as Gula  & Ninisina) who was the goddess of dogs and healing.

In the few artistic depictions of her, Bau is always seen with a dog by her side. 

It is believed she became the goddess of healing because people believed the licking of wounds by dogs had healing qualities.

There is also evidence that ancient Sumerian homes buried clay dogs inscribed with Bau’s named at thresholds to protect their households from disease and demons. 

The fact that ‘Baau’ sounds a little like ‘bow wow’ is an unintentional but fun coincidence.