Dog friendly essential oil candles that don't compromise on style

Relax in the peace of mind of House of Baau’s natural soy-beeswax blend candle collection. With carefully considered scents inspired by aromatherapy practices used by veterinarians and animal experts, using essential oils that are proven to help relieve dogs of stress and other common ailments, our candles will transform your home or office into a welcoming space, that doesn’t compromise on style.

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  • ENDAL - Dog of the millennium

    Named in honour of the British Labrador Retriever who was named the “dog of the millennium” after his lifelong work as a service dog received worldwide attention in the 90’s & 2000s.

    ENDAL Candle 
  • LAIKA - First dog in space

    Named after of the Russian stray who became the first living creature to orbit the Earth, in honour of all dogs - and animals - who have unfairly been used in the named of science.

    LAIKA Candle 
  • FIZO - The aussie lifesaver

    Named in honour of the Australian Silky Terrier who was awarded the RSPCA's inaugural Purple Cross after jumping from a balcony to save four children from a venomous brown snake.

    FIZO Candle