The science behind dog-friendly scented candles

Not all candles are created equally when it comes to our health and the health of our family, especially our furriest family members.
With dogs increasingly being welcomed into homes right around the world, the need for products that won’t irritate or cause harm to our animal companions is more vital than ever.

House of Baau is a fragrance house producing luxurious dog-friendly candles and scents, based on scientific research.

Our aim is to create dog-friendly candles, that don’t compromise on style.
We’re passionate about creating homes that both you and your dog can love.

Established in 2020 after discovering certain fragrances & essential oils could be harming and/or unpleasant to our inside pets, each product has been designed specifically with the most sensitive of noses in mind – your dog’s.

They are free from irritants and toxins, sourcing all-natural ingredients including Australian made soy-beeswax and pure essential oils.
Our blends have been inspired by aromatherapy practices used by veterinarians and animal experts, using essential oils that have been proven to help relieve dogs of stress and other common ailments.
Above all our candles have been created to help transform your home into a welcoming space that you, your dog and your guests can enjoy.

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